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SMBs are Under Attack

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) face mounting cybersecurity challenges. Rapid adoption of digital technologies has exposed SMBs to threats that they have not had to deal with in the past. As threats escalate, the high costs associated with cyber attacks become a worrying risk to business. Here's a summary of the key statistics and insights from various sources:


of SMBs experiencing a cyberattack, data breach, or both within a 12-month period


Data breaches cost SMBs an average of over $3 million per incident


of ransomware attacks were against companies with fewer than 1,000 employees


of small businesses have cyber insurance

SMBs are Exposed to an Ever-growing Number of Threats

As SMBs increase their use of technology in all areas of their business they are exposed to an ever wider array of threats.  Some of the most common types of attacks include:


Phishing is when scammers try to trick you through email, texts, calls, or social media into giving away important information like passwords or account numbers, or getting you to click on a bad link that installs nasty stuff on your computer or phone. 


Malware, which stands for malicious software, is basically any sneaky program or code designed to infect your computer, network, or server. In these attacks, hackers might use phishing tricks to fool people—like employees or customers—into giving away important information like account passwords, which they can then use to cause more trouble. 


Ransomware is malware that can seriously damage your systems. It blocks your access and demands a payment to unlock it. Once it's in, the hacker either denies you access to your device or encrypts your files, rendering them useless to you until you pay the ransom they demand. 

Insider Threats

Insider threats are the security risks that brew within your own organization. Think of employees swiping data or falling for sneaky scams. These are tough to catch but there are ways to bolster your defenses. Implementing measures like access controls and providing thorough employee training can go a long way in reducing these risks. 

Man in the Middle

Man in the Middle attacks are like having someone eavesdropping on your digital conversations. Hackers listen in as you talk to a website or app, aiming to snatch up your personal information—think passwords or banking details.  

Elevate Your Workforce

ROI of Cybersecurity investment Over 5 years

Return on Investment

This chart illustrates the return on investment (ROI) of cybersecurity over 5 years, comparing the cumulative investment in cybersecurity to the cumulative savings from avoiding cyberattacks. It demonstrates how the investment grows over time and how the savings potentially exceed the initial and subsequent investments, leading to a positive return. This visual representation underscores the financial benefit and the importance of investing in cybersecurity measures for businesses. The ROI percentage increases as the years progress.

Even SMBs are faced by an increasing array of risks and need to comply with both government and industry regulations to protect their customers. To preserve their reputations, they must protect their customers. Investment in security isn’t only critical to maintain compliance. It also increases productivity and protects valuable business assets.

Efficiency & Consolidation

Samurai XDR can save your team time and money by providing you with a single toolset to manage your security workflow. We bring all of the capabilities you need to detect threats, manage your security workflow and respond to security incidents from a single pane of glass. Samurai XDR takes care of all the hard work to provide you with an integrated SecOps toolset without you needing a dedicated team to maintain it.

Samurai XDR consolidates all of your endpoint alerting into a single pane of glass, for both employees and contractors, whether they are on-site or working remotely, securing all of your users all of the time.

Samurai XDR consolidated services

Samurai XDR Data Sheet

How can Samurai XDR help SMBs

We find threats

Samurai XDR analyzes the alerts from all of your on-premises infrastructure and cloud platforms to find the proverbial needle in a haystack – unmasking the cybercriminals who are trying to break into your network.

We assess threats

We bring all of your alerting into a single pane of glass in the Alerts Dashboard, where we help you to triage alerts and decide which are the important ones that you need to attend to first.

We investigate threats

Once we have helped you find the alerts which point you to the activities of cybercriminals who are trying to break into your network, our Investigations Dashboard provides you with everything you need to investigate a threat, and then respond to it via our Response capability.

We save you money

By helping you to stop threat actors in their tracks before they do damage, we help you to avoid the costly consequences of a breach.


In 2023, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) faced significant cybersecurity challenges, with escalating threats and high costs associated with cyberattacks. Here's a summary of the key statistics and insights from various sources:

We Support Over 150 Integrations

Integration & Capability

Combine your cloud services with on-premise products and services within your organization, such as:

Google Workspace

Microsoft 365

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

Microsoft Azure – Management Plane

Cisco Meraki

Cisco Secure Firewall (ASA Appliances)

Cisco Secure Firewall (Firepower Threat Defense)

CrowdStrike Falcon Insight

Fortinet FortiAnalyzer

Fortinet FortiGate Next-Generation Firewall

Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall

VMware Carbon Black Cloud Enterprise EDR

integration and capability

Always on, always accessible, always protected.

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Samurai XDR SaaS FAQ

What are the top cyber threats confronting SMBs?

SMBs face all kinds of cyber threats, but a few kinds of threats do need particular attention. Phishing, malware, ransomware, insider threats and man in the middle attacks are of particular concern to SMBs.

What are some tips to prevent attacks?

Defending against attacks starts with some very simple steps. Start by protecting your login details (usernames and passwords), by using strong passwords and turning on multi-factor authentication wherever possible. A lot of attackers exploit known weaknesses in software so it is important to keep all your software up to date. Pay special attention to security patches. Also, always make sure you have backups.

Why does a small business need cybersecurity?

SMBs have been adopting digital technology at an amazing rate. This means that all their valuable information is now in digital format. Cyber criminals know this and are trying to steal your information through unauthorized access to hardware, computers and mobile devices. In the same way you need physical security to protect your physical assets, you also need cybersecurity to make sure that all your digital assets are protected.

Does Samurai XDR offer a risk assessment?

Samurai XDR offers a risk assessment which can help you to understand better how your SMB is exposed to cyber threats. To find out more, register for our online risk assessment.

Does Samurai XDR integrate with other applications and systems?

Absolutely! A core component of XDR is its ability to integrate telemetry from a variety of systems. This is an area we are continuously improving. You can find a list of our supported integrations in our Knowledge Base. As we will always be adding to this list, bookmark it and re-visit frequently!

Do you store any of my customers’ data?

Absolutely not. We only store event and log data from your infrastructure and applications. All the data we do store is securely encrypted both in flight and at rest.

How do you provide support?

Customer support is available for all subscriptions including trials. Your team can contact our support directly in the Samurai XDR app.

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