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As a partner, you’ll instantly become part of NTT Security Holdings’ global security network; a powerful advantage that sets your company apart . Whether you have limited cybersecurity capabilities or a strong existing capability, our partner program has the flexibility to adapt to your business.


The Samurai XDR Partner Program is designed for those who want to resell and support Samurai XDR for businesses globally. As a Partner, you can provide your customers with a powerful cybersecurity solution through Samurai XDR's advanced threat detection and response capabilities.

By reselling Samurai XDR, Partners can generate substantial revenue and establish long-term relationships with their customers.

Partners also gain access to resources to enhance their expertise in cybersecurity and develop their sales and support capabilities. Join the Samurai XDR Partner Program and become a trusted provider of cybersecurity solutions worldwide.

Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

Samurai XDR is a leading technology for Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs) and Managed Service Providers (MSPs), available worldwide and offering exceptional capabilities and comprehensive features for the management of security services. Its unparalleled level of protection allows for the identification and elimination of advanced cyber threats, ensuring the safety of all kinds and sizes of organizations.

The Samurai XDR platform seamlessly integrates with existing security infrastructure and provides real-time monitoring and analysis for prompt and efficient response to potential threats. Supported by a dedicated team of experts, Samurai XDR continuously updates and enhances its security solutions to effectively tackle evolving challenges.

MSSPs and MSPs success with XDR attests to its reliability and value in today's complex cyber landscape. By choosing Samurai XDR, Partners can confidently deliver proactive security services to their clients.

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Uniting Strengths - Collaboration in Our Partnership Features:

Marketing Resources

Incentives and Rebates

Marketing Development Funds

Joint Programs

Lead Generation

Unlocking Success Together

Add cyber security services to your clients without having to hire a team of cyber security ninjas, just one Samurai.

  • Partner-Level Support
  • Increased Profit Per Customer
  • Expanded Service Offering
  • Provide Enterprise-Level XDR
partner level support

    As a Samurai XDR Partner you will receive all the support you need to drive sales and provide support to your customers. We will provide you with all of the marketing resources you require, Market Development Funds and lead generation assistance.

increased customer profit

    Samurai XDR doesn’t only help you to reduce your costs in delivering security services to your customer base, but also increases the efficacy of your cybersecurity services delivery, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and profitability.

expanded service offering

    Not only does Samurai XDR provide the ability to integrate seamlessly with a wide range of industry-leading security infrastructure and cloud applications, it also provides all of the security operations tooling required to build a rich set of cybersecurity services to fulfill your customers’ needs.

enterprise level XDR

    Samurai XDR provides all of the capabilities of an enterprise-grade XDR application at a price that will fit the budget of an SMB, giving Partners the ability to deliver a rich and profitable set of cybersecurity services to customers of all sizes.

New Revenue Source for IT Providers

Why Partner with Samurai XDR

Samurai XDR is committed to protecting our clients, our society and the global community with world-class cybersecurity solutions. To help us secure the connected future, join our Partner Program today.

Samurai XDR excels in expanding the capabilities of service providers in the cybersecurity field. This solution caters to the specific requirements of service providers by offering a comprehensive platform that improves profit margins and enhances the effectiveness of security measures through behavioral analytics and process automation.

Samurai XDR can be customized to integrate seamlessly with existing security infrastructure. Furthermore, it brings tangible benefits in terms of service margins by reducing costs and increasing revenues. Samurai XDR revolutionizes the approach of service providers towards cybersecurity by enhancing security efficacy and optimizing operations for efficiency and profitability.

Samurai is committed to protecting clients

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With Samurai XDR SaaS, you’re getting much more than all-in-one solution to protect your business. You’re also getting the support of its developer, NTT Security Holdings (NTTSH), a worldwide cybersecurity leader.

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