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Protect your business from ransomware, data breaches and today’s most malicious threats.

Welcome to the future of threat detection and response. Samurai XDR SaaS, developed by global security leader NTT, has access to one of the largest T1 Internet backbones. This access gives Samurai the unique ability to gather intelligence and then detect and identify threats in real-time before they can cause damage. The moment our AI detects malicious activity, you can call our integrated response into action to neutralize the attack. But Samurai XDR doesn’t stop there. It also helps you proactively hunt for risks and improves the overall security posture of your organization. With Samurai XDR SaaS, you get enterprise-grade security capabilities without the need for on-premises infrastructure – enabling businesses of any size to access capabilities that were previously only available to large enterprises.

Why choose Samurai XDR SaaS

  • Simple
  • Intelligent
  • Cost-Effective
  • Reliable
  • Proactive
  • Compatible
  • Cloud-hosted. You have zero infrastructure to deploy.
  • One product. No more maintaining, upgrading and integrating diverse security stacks. You get all the security you need in one package.
  • Complete visibility. Enjoy unified visibility and control across network, endpoint, cloud, identity, email and more.
  • No swivel-chair management. Our intuitive interface allows your team to quickly investigate threats through visualized timelines, comprehensive event details and powerful search capabilities.
  • Intelligent platform. We employ advanced behavioral analytics and machine learning to provide comprehensive visibility across your entire digital environment.
  • Advanced threat detection. Samurai analyzes large amounts of telemetry, allowing it to anticipate threats before they strike.
  • Alerts. You receive high-fidelity alerts while minimizing false positives.
  • Exceptional value. You pay just $3.33 per month per endpoint. No more guessing how much your bill will be.
  • Transparency. There are no hidden costs, contracts or complicated processes to understand the pricing.
  • Reduced personnel. Samurai makes SecOps tasks accessible to more IT staff so you don’t have to hire standalone SecOps teams.
  • Proven expertise. Samurai XDR SaaS is backed by NTT, a worldwide leader in cybersecurity.
  • Enterprise-level. Organizations around the globe choose Samurai XDR to provide enterprise-grade detection and response efficacy without the complexity and costs of traditional solutions.
  • Threat intelligence. As the owner of one of the largest T1 IP backbones in the world, we have the unique advantage and ability to continuously detect threats before they become issues.
  • Integration. Our TI is integrated into Samurai XDR so you don’t need to worry about TI separately.
  • Always on. Samurai XDR SaaS not only keeps watch 24/7/365, but, with its ability to correlate across diverse log sources, Samurai can find the needle in the cyberthreat haystack.
  • Plays well with others. Samurai XDR SaaS integrates with all major IT infrastructure and security products through open APIs and cloud connectors. This allows you to leverage your existing investments while future-proofing your business as new technologies emerge.
  • Flexibility. Our cloud-based architecture works across both cloud and on-premises technologies. It is also built to scale, giving you the flexibility to adapt and grow as your needs change.
Simple pricing. Powerful protection.

An investment that pays dividends starting day one.

$3.33per endpoint monthly


Enterprise cybersecurity for less than a cup of coffee per month

With the average ransomware attack costing businesses $4.54 million, Samurai XDR SaaS provides affordable protection you can’t afford to go without.

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Implementing an XDR solution today is mandatory.


Average cost of a ransomware attack.


Percentage of small businesses affected by cyberattacks.


Losses from Business Email Compromise attacks.

Did you know that 60% of small businesses that suffer a cyberattack go out of business within half a year? In fact, today’s sophisticated attacks have made traditional security measures obsolete. Samurai’s advanced technology delivers the protection you need to safeguard your operations, sensitive data and reputation.

All it takes is for one employee to click a malicious email link to ruin everything you’ve worked for.

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Threats have evolved.
So must your security.

A few short years ago, anti-virus software, spam filters and firewalls offered sufficient protection. Not anymore. Today’s sophisticated threats can easily bypass these controls – especially for businesses with remote workers.

To keep your business safe, you need a modern solution that stays one-step ahead of the cybercriminals.

Protection for every connection.

Remote work has exponentially increased the need for a unified cybersecurity solution. With Samurai XDR SaaS, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your entire network – and every laptop and tablet that connects to it – has advanced protection from:

Data Breaches
Business Email Compromise
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What exactly is XDR?

XDR, Extended Detection and Response, is an all-in-one solution that uses AI and machine learning to automatically detect threats before they become problems.

Samurai XDR Platform

Samurai XDR is updated and supported by NTT’s Global Threat Intelligence Center (GTIC) which provides dedicated R&D capabilities, focused on the development of Threat Intelligence.

Threat Intelligence
Threat Intelligence
Custom Rules
Alert Prioritization
Machine Learning
Machine Learning
artificial intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

Full environment insights, the entire attack surface is covered; combining data from endpoint, network, host and cloud environments.

Support of 150 vendor product integrations

checkpointciscocisco umbrellacrowdstrikeFortinetMicrosoftmicrosoft DefenderMimecastOktaPalo AltoProofpointSophosTrendZscaler

Data Collection

Rapid point-and-click deployment of cloud-based collectors allow you to begin consuming data from a wide range of third-party integrations. With device auto detection and highly secure transport methods, our data collection is trouble free and secure.

Threat Detection

To stop incoming threats, you need to understand them. Samurai XDR's threat intelligence give you insight into where an attack is coming from, what's motivating it, and most importantly, how you can stop it. Proprietary machine learning analysis of telemetry, enriched by our best of breed threat intelligence enable the fastest threat detection on the market.


Respond with our integrated toolset. Reduce manual processes like alert fatigue or provide immediate protections based on alerts or conditions via signaling to your security controls.

Automation & Response ManagementEDR Response Integration
Automation & Response ManagementEnhanced Investigations
Automation & Response ManagementAlert Prioritization
Automation & Response ManagementAdvanced Query
Automation & Response ManagementAlert Enrichment

Monitors your entire network and everything connected to it: laptops, servers, tablets.

Detects and identifies anything suspicious or out of the ordinary.

Responds to threats in real-time.

Prioritizes threats so you know which ones to handle first.

Streamlines security by putting all the info you need on one dashboard.

Delivers an all-in-one solution to reduce overall cybersecurity costs.

The right solution for businesses of every size.

Whether you're a small company trying to find the best security at the best price or an established enterprise seeking streamlined protection, Samurai XDR SaaS offers a comprehensive solution that allows you to improve productivity, simplify security operations and enjoy predictable pricing every month.

Fully Scalable

As a cloud-based solution, Samurai XDR scales as your business grows and as your security needs evolve.

Improves Compliance

Meet compliance requirements with complete visibility into your company’s cybersecurity status and readiness.

Easily Customizable

Samurai XDR can be tailored to fit the specific cybersecurity needs of your business and to complement current solutions.

Bolsters Collaboration

Different teams, such as security, IT and compliance, can effectively work together to address potential threats and vulnerabilities.

World-Class Expertise

The Samurai XDR platform, and therefore your IT team, benefit from the experience of our Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts and Global Threat Intelligence Center (GTIC) researchers.

Always Up to Date

Instead of spending time manually updating software, you can count on Samurai XDR to automatically optimize your protection.

Always On

Samurai XDR works 24/7/365 to reduce the stress and workload of your internal security team – and so you can sleep better at night.

An investment that pays dividends starting day one.

$3.33per endpoint monthly


Enterprise cybersecurity for less than a cup of coffee per month

With the average ransomware attack costing businesses $4.54 million, Samurai XDR SaaS provides affordable protection you can’t afford to go without.

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Simple pricing. Powerful protection.

Global support for your local business.

With Samurai XDR SaaS, you’re getting much more than all-in-one solution to protect your business. You’re also getting the support of its developer, NTT Security Holdings (NTTSH), a worldwide cybersecurity leader.


Number of business protected.


Years of cybersecurity expertise.


Number of cybersecurity employees.

Securing the Internet.

NTT Security Holdings

Analyzes more than


of internet coverage.1



of data every day.



security incidents a month.



events per second.




1 Based on CAIDA AS ranking

Samurai: An XDR unlike any other.

Not all cybersecurity solutions are equal. Keeping your data, systems and customers secure in today’s environment requires a top-of-the-line XDR solution – exactly what Samurai XDR delivers.

Incorporates best-in-class technology developed for NTTSH’s enterprise systems.

Uses advanced machine learning and AI to quickly identify and respond to anomalies.

Integrates seamlessly with other security products for a more comprehensive security solution.

Delivers best-in-class detection and rapid investigation to resolve threats quickly.

Connects to any major vendor hardware, including network devices and cloud services.

Ranks threats for better prioritization and faster response times.

Offers the most effective solution for unifying your threat detection and response.

Start protecting your business.

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Samurai XDR SaaS FAQ

What is Samurai XDR SaaS?

Samurai XDR SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) is a cloud-based eXtended Detection and Response solution that provides customers with the benefits of XDR technology without the need to deploy and manage their own XDR infrastructure. Samurai XDR SaaS is offered as a subscription-based service, where customers pay for the solution on a monthly or annual basis.

How does Samurai XDR SaaS work?

Samurai XDR SaaS monitors your digital landscape 24/7. It gathers data from various sources, analyzes it and spots potential threats. When a threat is detected, it takes action to identify the issue and provide solutions for neutralizing the unwanted activity.

What are the benefits of Samurai XDR SaaS?

Samurai XDR SaaS offers holistic threat visibility, quick threat response, optimized resource utilization and seamless compatibility with your existing security tools.

What security products does Samurai XDR SaaS integrate with?

Samurai XDR SaaS plays well with your current security tools – no need to toss out what's working. Whether it's cloud or on-premises, Samurai XDR SaaS complements your existing setup.

Is Samurai XDR SaaS customizable?

Absolutely! We understand every business is unique. Samurai XDR SaaS can be tailored to fit your specific needs, ensuring you get the protection you require without any unnecessary extras.

How is Samurai XDR SaaS priced?

We keep pricing transparent. Samurai XDR SaaS is priced at just $3.33 per month per endpoint. No hidden fees, no surprises – just straightforward, cost-effective cybersecurity.

How is Samurai XDR SaaS deployed?

Samurai XDR SaaS is cloud-native, which means there's zero complicated infrastructure to set up. We've simplified the deployment process so you can get up and running without hassles or delays.

What level of support is included?

Your peace of mind is our priority. We offer comprehensive support to ensure your experience with Samurai XDR SaaS goes smoothly. From setup to ongoing assistance, we're here whenever you need us.

Why choose our Samurai XDR SaaS?

With Samurai XDR SaaS, you get more than cybersecurity – you're also harnessing the expertise of NTT Security Holdings. Our solution leverages the resources of one of the world's cybersecurity leaders, ensuring that your business stands strong against threats with the backing and support of a global leader in cybersecurity.

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