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Samurai XDR protects your valuable healthcare data by detecting and responding to cyber threats.

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Introduction to Samurai XDR

Samurai XDR detects and responds to threats by analyzing events and alerts from both your on-premises infrastructure and cloud services helping you to protect your valuable and sensitive patient data.

Why Partner with Samurai XDR

Healthcare providers have embraced digital technology at an unprecedented rate in recent years. This is not only for managing patient records but also through the use of smart devices used in the delivery of healthcare. When events that may be of security concern happen, all of the systems used to manage and store valuable patient data generate alerts. Without the right tools, however, even smaller providers will be overwhelmed with the volumes of alerts, making it impossible to find the alerts that really do point to the activities of cyber attackers. Samurai XDR brings all of your alerting into a single location. Using technologies like advanced analytics and Machine Learning we are able to help you triage all your alerts to help you find the proverbial “needle in a haystack” and respond to cyber threats before attackers are able to steal your valuable data.

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Challenges in Healthcare

  • Data Breaches
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Ransomware Attacks

    Healthcare providers store a wealth of information about their patients. This includes not only medical data but also information such as insurance details, social security numbers and payment card details, making them juicy targets for cyber criminals. Data breaches in healthcare have escalated as a result. The impact of the theft of data from healthcare providers can be severe, leading to consequences like identity theft, fraudulent card transactions and even blackmail through the disclosure of sensitive health information.

data breaches

    Because of the sensitivity and value of the information held in the healthcare industry, providers are increasingly subject to regulation which is needed to protect their patients’ interests. Examples include HIPAA and HITECH in the United States, GDPR and Directive 2016/680 in the European Union and the National Health Service Act 2006 in the United Kingdom. In order to comply with the rules set out by these laws, providers must have robust cyber security capabilities.

regulatory compliance

    Ransomware attacks have become a significant problem for healthcare institutions. Not only do ransomware attackers threaten to disclose or destroy sensitive patient data, they also disrupt the operations of practices, clinics and hospitals. This doesn’t only result in the disruption of patient appointments but could even make it impossible to proceed with surgery when systems are disrupted. In extreme cases, it is even possible that deaths could result from disruptions to patient care. This is why healthcare providers of all sizes need to be able to detect the activities of cyber attackers before they are able to disrupt systems, or steal or encrypt data.


Features and Benefits

Real-time Threat Detection

Samurai XDR analyzes the security events and alerts from your on-premises hardware as well as your cloud services to detect threats in real-time. Using technologies such as Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics Samurai XDR is able to identify the alerts which point to the activities of an attacker and prioritize these in the Alerts Management Dashboard. This means that you are able to see threats as they happen rather than only becoming aware of them after they start damaging your systems and data.

Comprehensive Coverage

Samurai XDR integrates seamlessly with both your on-premises IT infrastructure as well as your cloud services such as email and office suites like Google Workspace and Microsoft 365. We also monitor the security of your endpoints with integrations to Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, Vmware Carbon Black and Crowdstrike Falcon® Insight, giving you a comprehensive view of security alerting in a single pane of glass.

Automated Response

Once a threat has been detected, it is critical to contain it quickly before any damage can happen. This is where Response Integrations come in, allowing you to perform tasks like isolating an infected workstation directly from Samurai XDR. Keeping your SecOps workflow in a single location means that you can respond efficiently and quickly.

Compliance Assurance

Samurai XDR can play a key role in complying with healthcare regulations such as HIPAA. Some of the key features which help to ensure compliance include:

Comprehensive Visibility: Samurai XDR provides comprehensive visibility across a healthcare organization's entire digital environment, including endpoints, networks, cloud environments, and applications. This visibility allows you to monitor all data interactions and identify potential security threats or incidents quickly.

Early Threat Detection: Samurai XDR uses advanced analytics and machine learning to detect potential security threats in real-time or even before they occur. By identifying suspicious activities or behaviors across multiple layers of the IT environment, Samurai XDR helps healthcare providers detect and mitigate security incidents promptly, reducing the risk of data breaches.

Response Capability: Samurai XDR’s response capability helps healthcare providers respond to security incidents quickly and effectively. Response actions, such as isolating compromised endpoints, can help contain security threats and prevent them from spreading further.

Integrated Security Controls: Samurai XDR integrates multiple security controls, such as endpoint protection, network security, and threat intelligence, into a single cohesive solution. This integration streamlines security operations for healthcare providers, allowing them to manage and monitor security across their entire digital environment more efficiently.

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How it works


Getting started with Samurai XDR is simple.  When you sign up online, start with our free 30 Day Trial. You don’t even need to give a credit number to start your trial!


Once you have signed up, all you need to get started is to point the logs from your network and security infrastructure and your cloud services towards Samurai XDR. Our Secure Syslog Collector and Cloud Collector make this a simple “point and click” process.


Once Samurai XDR is collecting your logs we use our advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms, together with NTT Security Holdings' threat intelligence to detect threats in real time.


The Alerts Dashboard gives you a prioritized view of the alerts detected across all your technology assets allowing you to attend to critical alerts first.


Once you have decided that an alert needs more attention, the Investigations view provides a simple and intuitive interface for managing the lifecycle of the investigation of a potential security incident.


Response Integrations allow you to act quickly and efficiently, performing tasks such as isolating affected endpoints.


All events and alerts are stored in Samurai XDR’s data lake. The data lake allows you to query and analyze all of the events ingested into Samurai XDR, going back up to one full year using Samurai XDR’s Advanced Query feature.

About Samurai XDR

About Samurai XDR

For over 20 years, NTT has provided proactive cyber defense and services that make use of human resources and intelligence to protect our customers and society. NTT’s position as the owner of one of the world’s largest Tier 1 Internet backbones gives Samurai XDR, via NTT Security Holdings, unique and early visibility of evolving threats, providing us with a unique base of threat intelligence which we use to protect our customers. Through the launch of Samurai XDR we have democratized technologies which previously only large enterprises could afford, making advanced threat detection and response capabilities affordable for healthcare providers of all sizes.

Our Purpose: Together, we secure the connected future.

Through collaboration and innovation, we deliver world-class cybersecurity solutions that protect our healthcare providers of all sizes, their patients and the global community.

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Samurai XDR SaaS FAQ

Does Samurai XDR integrate with other applications and systems?

Absolutely! A core capability of Samurai XDR is its ability to integrate telemetry from a variety of systems. This is an area we are continuously improving. You can find a list of our supported integrations in our Knowledge Base. As we will always be adding to this list, bookmark it and re-visit frequently!

How do you protect your customers' data?

All the data you send to us and all your data that we store in Samurai XDR is encrypted both in flight and at rest.

Why does a small business need cybersecurity?

SMBs have been adopting digital technology at an amazing rate. This means that all their valuable information is now in digital format. Cyber criminals know this and are trying to steal your information through unauthorized access to hardware, computers and mobile devices. In the same way you need physical security to protect your physical assets, you also need cybersecurity to make sure that all your digital assets are protected.

Can anybody else access my data?

All of the alerting and log data that you ingest into Samurai XDR is accessible only to you and your staff who have Samurai XDR user accounts.

How do you provide support?

Customer support is available for all subscriptions including trials. Your team can contact our support directly in the Samurai XDR app.

Do you store any of my patients’ data?

Absolutely not. We only store event and log data from your infrastructure and applications. All the data we do store is securely encrypted both in flight and at rest.

How long is my data stored?

Samurai XDR stores all of your alerting and event data for up to a year. This allows you to do threat hunting using our Advanced Query feature, going up to a year back in time.

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