2022 Global Threat Intelligence Report

Together, we secure the connected future.

More threats in a rapidly changing society

On average in 2021, a new vulnerability was registered every 24 minutes. Ransomware incident response engagements grew 240% over the past 24 months. And web application and application-specic attacks accounted for 72% of all attacks. These statistics represent just a few insights found in our 2022 Global Threat Intelligence Report.

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With ongoing supply-chain disruptions, the continuing COVID-19 pandemic and geo-political uncertainties, one fact is certain: businesses and organizations must now, more than ever, implement effective solutions to safeguard their digital environments.

Key insights from the 2022 Report

Find out more about evolving and emerging cybersecurity
trends across various industries and regions.


Attacks shift to critical infrastructure and supply chains

Attacks more than doubled in multiple sectors globally, as COVID-19, geopolitical tensions and supply chain disruptions mount.

Infrastructure and supply chain attacks


Cloud migration is shaping global attacks

Application software attacks are rising amidst the backdrop of cloud migration and digital transformation.

Cloud Migration & Application attacks


Diversifying target scope and attack intensity

Attack diversification led to more industries experiencing sustained levels of hostile activity.

Diversified attacks

Trojan deployments soar as botnets re-emerge

Sophisticated malware such as Trojans and botnets increase while cryptocurrency miners decline.

Malware, trojans, and botnets

Ransomware prevalence impacting business continuity

Organizations are facing challenges in defending and responding to ransomware incidents.

Ransomeware prevelance

2022 Global Threat
Intelligence Report

How We Can Help

Samurai XDR SaaS

Self service security operations

Our orchestration and automated response engine enable this entire self service process. Samurai provides an easy to use, easy to access, web based platform, giving our clients the exibility to design the right solution for their security needs.

Self service XDR Platform

Threat Intelligence Reports

Know Your Enemy

Want more information about new threats? The Global Threat Intelligenc Report provides detailed information about threat intelligence for the past year. Updates are made quarterly to keep you up to date on new and emerging threats.

Global Threat Intellignece Report

Security Assessment

Is your environment safe?

Not sure hor robust your security is to handle an attack? With the Cyber Threat Risk Assessment we can help reveal the potential for you to defend against a cyber threat. Get your customized Rick Assessment Report to reveal vulnerabilities in your digital landscape.

Cyber Threat Risk Assessment

How To Enhance Online Safety With Cyber Hygiene

How To Enhance Online Safety With Cyber Hygiene

The way you take care of your IT environment has a direct impact on its security. Carelessness in the way you treat these resources can leave you and your organization susceptible to cybercriminals.

The State of SaaS Security - Part 2

The State of SaaS Security - Part 2

This post dives a bit deeper into the breaches and some guidance on common tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) that we’re seeing. Threat actors are getting much more aggressive in this space.

The Worst Ransomware and Cyberattacks in Healthcare

The Worst Ransomware and Cyberattacks in Healthcare

The healthcare sector has been victimized by many ransomware and other types of cyberattacks over the last several years. This article will look at some of the worst cyberattacks launched against the healthcare sector.

2022 Global Threat
Intelligence Report

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